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New Orleans Day 7 Back at home

You may have thought that yesterday’s post would be my last from my trip to New Orleans. I had to include tonight’s dinner that I cooked after the 8 hour drive. While we were buying shrimp and crabmeat to restock the freezer, my wife bought 2 pounds of U-12 shrimp. These are the largest shrimp you can find. U-12 means that there are 12 or under shrimp per pound. With shrimp this size, I knew exactly how my wife wanted them cooked, BBQ Shrimp. In New Orleans, BBQ Shrimp are not shrimp that come from a grill with a tomato based sauce on top. They are shrimp cooked in butter and Olive oil with plenty of Italian type seasonings. This was one of the first recipes that I posted. The key to this dish is to have large head-on shrimp. You can do them without, but the flavor will not be the same.

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