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Candied Mirlitons

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Here is another vegetable dish. Mirlitons are also known as Chayote pears. This is a great way to include mirlitons in your meal plan.

3 small or 2 large Mirlitons (about 2 cups cooked and diced)

Boiling Salted Water

4 1/2 tablespoons Butter

3/4 teaspoon Salt

1/4 teaspoon freshly ground Black Pepper

4 teaspoons Sugar

3/8 teaspoon Cinnamon

1/8 teaspoon freshly grated Nutmeg

3 1/4 teaspoons Brandy

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

In a heavy, medium-sized saucepan with a tight fitting lid, parboil the mirlitons, covered, in about 1 inch of boiling salted water for 20 minutes. Drain thoroughly, peel off the skin, trim off the ends, and cut into 1-inch dice.

In a large sauté pan or skillet, melt 3 tablespoons of the butter over low heat. Add the diced mirliton pulp and sauté for  minutes, stirring frequently. Gradually add the salt, pepper, 1 tablespoon of the sugar, 1/4 teaspoon of the cinnamon, nutmeg and 3 teaspoons of the brandy; mix thoroughly.

Butter a shallow baking dish and fill with the sauteed mirliton. Combine the remaining 1 1/2 tablespoons butter, 1 teaspoon sugar, 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon and 1/4 teaspoon brandy in a small saucepan and heat for a few minutes, mixing thoroughly. Pour evenly over the mirliton in the baking dish. Bake for 45 minutes, then glaze under a preheated broiler for aboput 3 minutes. Serve hot from the baking dish.


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