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Mulate’s Stuffed Crabs

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

If your in New Orleans looking for some authentic Cajun food, a great place to stop is Mulate’s. Located on the corner of Julia and Convention Center Blvd, it is a great place to grab a bite to eat before you board one of the Cruise ships. This week, I will feature two of their recipes.

8 tablespoons (1 stick) Margarine

2 medium Bell Peppers, chopped

2 large Onions, chopped

2 stalks Celery, chopped

1 cup plus 1 tablespoon All-Purpose Flour, in all

3 cup Bread Crumbs, in all

4 Eggs, in all

1/2 pound Claw Crabmeat, picked thru for shells

1 teaspoon Green Onions, minced

1 teaspoon Fresh Parsley, minced

Empty Crab Shells

1 cup Milk

Vegetable Oil for Frying

Melt margarine over medium heat in a large skillet and add bell peppers, onions and celery. Sauté until the vegetables are wilted, then remove from the heat and season to taste with salt and pepper. Mix the 1 tablespoon of flour, 1 cup of breadcrumbs, and 3 of the eggs, then add the crabmeat, green onions and parsley and mix well. Press into shells. Pour enough vegetable oil into a large pot to measure about 6 inches deep and heat it over high heat to 350℉. Lightly beat the remaining egg and the milk together in a cake or pie pan, and set the remaining flour and bread crumbs each in similar, separate pans. Dip each filled shell first into the liquid, then in the flour and finally in the breadcrumbs. Fry in the hot oil until golden brown. Drain on paper towels and keep warm while you fry the remaining crabs.


Good Cooking, Good Eating and Good Living!

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