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Pastaletta from Joe Cahn

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Here is another great pasta from the brillant mind of Joe Cahn. He takes the ingredients for a Muffuletta, except the bread, and makes a delicious pasta with them. He even includes the seasame seeds.  This dish can be served either hot or cold.

1 pound Penne or Rotelli Pasta

1/2 pound cubed cooked Ham

1/2 pound cubed Genoa Salami

2 cups Olive Salad with oil

1/4 pound shredded Provolone cheese

4-6 teaspoons Sesame Seeds

Cook pasta accoring to package directions. Drain and cool. Add olive salad with oil to the pasta. Combine ham and salami.

If serving hot, place in skillet and heat. Put in bowls or plates, then top with Provolone and sesame seeds.

If serving cold, place in bowls or plates. Top with Provolone and sesame seeds.

Serve with French Bread to sop-up excess olive oil.

Note: For color, use multi-colored rotelli pasta


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