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Red Beans And Rice from LeRuth’s Front Door/Back Door Cookbook

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

My love for cooking goes back to when I was young. When I would sit down to each lunch at home, I would always read a cookbook. Of course, one of my favorites was LeRuth’s Front Door/Back Door Cookbook. The book has the Front Door recipes in the front. When you flipped the book over, the Back Door recipes would start. Of course, red beans were never served to LeRuth’s customers but it was often served to the staff. Here is the recipe

1 pound dry Red Beans

3 quarts Cold Water

4 chopped Onions

4 toes Garlic

Salt and Pepper

1 pound Ham Trimmings with skin on

2 pounds Smoked Sausage, cut into 6 inch lenght

Pick over beans and wash thoroughlt. Soak overnight. In order to have a creamy sauce, it is necessary to boil beans with onion ham and garlic. Over strong heat. using a heavy pot, boil. Check frequently. Use a rather tall pot so beans won’t splash out while boiling. Some of the beans will break. When beans are tender, add sausage. Continue to cook for 30 minutes. Add a little more water as necessary. Adjust seasoning. Serve over steamed rice that was seasoned with 1 or 2 Bay Leaves.


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