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Cajun Fried Turkey

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

The holidays are almost upon us. So I thought I would share a common Cajun Holiday Dish, Cajun Fried Turkey

Cajun Fried Turkey is a delicious way to prepare your holiday turkey.

It is not really a recipe, but a cooking technique. This dish can be very

dangerous. If your bird is not dry when it goes in the fryer, there is a

great chance of oil over flowing and possibility catching on fire. This

is definitely something that cannot be done in a kitchen. When setting

up your cooking pot (the same type of pot for boiled crawfish) make

sure you have plenty of space around the pot, in case something goes


Turkey up to 16 pounds cleaned and dry, giblets and neck


Peanut Oil

A thermometer attached to the pot with the tip sticking in

the oil

Creole Seasoning

Marinade and Injector.

Light the fryer and set at a low

flame. Pour in peanut oil (for a 10-12 pound turkey use 1½ to 2 gallons oil; For a 13-16 pound turkeyuse 2½ to 3 gallons of oil). Remember; do not over fill the pot. Heat

oil to 325 degrees. Rub turkey with Creole Seasoning. If you use a

marinade, inject the turkey twice in each breast and once in the thigh.

It will take 15-20 minutes per pound. Remember, use caution when

frying a turkey. There are many ways you can burn yourself frying a

turkey. But the flavor of the turkey makes it would the risk.


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